About Us

An Overview of the Company

Jeediof SoftPro is a team of young professionals with core computing background, motivated by the need to create local contents using global standards to solve routine real life local problems. We provide state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) solutions, majorly in software design, development, deployment and maintenance as well as supporting hardware equipment. We offer first-class IT training, internship, workshops, seminars, outsourcing and tailor-made services to our clientele, at a convenient and affordable cost. Recently, we have introduced digital masterclass in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to prepare individuals for the digital renaissance with big data. We also help researchers gain legitimate access to datasets, and other research resources to support Research & Development.
Our major targets are young graduates, small startups, medium enterprises owners and undergraduates. We have developed a novel model for career-changers to allow for easy transition through reskilling and upskilling.
Our goal is to support full automation of business processes using the software-as a-service paradigm, develop human capacity with IT as a tool and help firms gain competitive advantage by leveraging computing technologies.

As a firm established in Africa by Africans, we have identified major problems faced by our people in doing business. Some of which are:
i. Using foreign-designed software solutions: Many organizations have lost their trust in their foreign software suppliers due to poor technical support services and high price. The current naira-dollar exchange rate is scaring for most Small and Medium Scales Enterprises in Nigeria, hence the need to settle for the local companies with high standards. We seize this window to provide superb but cost-effective services.
ii. Career switching: Given the digital avalanche, many folks desire career change or career upgrade. A lot of people get frustrated when they are unable to get the needed direction. At Jeediof Softpro, we have developed a model for such persons to support ther reskilling or upskilling needs.
iii. Research resources: Many young African researchers lack access to the needed resources for their works. The fees for some of the resources such as datasets, articles, analyses, etc. are not friendly. Using our network of academic partners, we are able to make those resources available at very good prices.